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About Slabjacking NZ Ltd

In 2012, following discussions with floor levelling companies, insurers, geotechnical and structural engineers, we identified the need for a new way to level slabs and foundations

At the time, alternative repair strategies such as traditional underpinning and deep grout injection met great resistance. Traditional underpinning was considered an effective and controllable method of levelling buildings however professionals had concerns that it resulted in permanent point loads applied to the building foundations and the ground below. Also, due to considerable weight of the underpins, this had the potential to undermine the ground beneath the building in the event of a future earthquake. Deep grout injection caused and still causes considerable debate. This system is effective at levelling buildings, however there is still a great deal of concern regarding the impacts on the local and surrounding geology, it's controllability and simillarly it's potential to undermine the ground beneath the building should a future seismic event occur.

So... we designed, developed and validated a better way to repair buildings

Our system was designed to satisfy three fundamental core objectives -

  • Level slabs with perimeter foundations and ring foundations or a combination of both
  • Level foundations & slabs without altering the load profile of the building or ground
  • Level foundations & slabs with minimal ground disturbance, excavation & additional ground loading

To date, we have successfully repaired in excess of 100 buildings

  • Consisting of single & multi storey residential, commercial and multi-unit buildings
  • Comprising various combinations of foundation, wall, midfloor, cladding and roof types
  • With variable design and build quality
  • On sites with various Technical Categories (TC1, 2 & 3), geology and topography

We are backed by Engineering Professionals and committed to R&D ensuring we continually improve as our experience grows

  • We have recently developed and successfully trialled a new lifting system for heavy firewalls
  • We have become proficient at relevelling challenging structures (i.e, unreinforced slabs, poor connections, etc)
  • We are often consulted by engineering firms regarding the best way to approach technically challenging repairs
  • We provide bespoke engineered design solutions for permanent screw piling and where repair requirements are outside the norm

The Slabjacking NZ ltd system conforms with all MBIE recommendations

MBIE has recommended the use of temporary screw piles in the current guidance document. The use of screw piles is recommend for both Type B and Type C dwelling across all technical categories.

Slabjack NZ ltd system complies with NZBC requirements

  • Schedule 1; NZ Building Act 2004 states the relevelling work carried out by Slabjacking NZ is exempt works
  • All relevelling work is specifically designed and supervised by Professional Engineers
    • Althought the work is exempt it is always backed up by Engineering Producer Statements (PS1 & PS4)
  • Repair methodology statements and quality assurance programs are standard
  • Upon completion of works Slabjacking NZ Ltd will provide a Final Levels Plan & Producer Statement Construction (PS3)

Contact us to find out more about how we can help with all types of foundation & concrete repairs.

Slabjacking NZ Ltd
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